AER acoustic amp Model: DOMINO 2
the Domino is equipped with two 8“ twin cone speakers and two combined 60 watt
amps working as a 100 watt power unit. This gives him the accuracy
in the midrange and the speed for a realistic and vivid sound

• 100 watts, dynamic control
• 2 x 8“ twin cone mono speaker system.
• Quad-channel acoustic system
• 32 bit AER digital Fx processor with 16 presets
• 13,95 kg (30.76 lbs)
channel 1 and 4 6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket as high impedance
line input stage with pad (high/low attenuation)
channel 2 and 3 combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket as
high-quality line- or balanced microphone input
stage 48 V phantom power, gain control.
Tone Controls
equalizer three band tone controls
colour ‘mid-cut-treble-boost’-filter
e! ect 32 bit AER digital e" ect processor with 16 presets,
individual effect sends per channel

Power amp 100 W / 4 ohms, dynamic control
analog signal subsonic filter, low distortion
processing RMS limiter
Speaker 2 x 8“ twin cone speaker system 

optional Accessoiries
365 mm x 420 mm x 295 mm
(14.37“ x 16.53“ x 11.69“), HxWxD
weight 13,95 kg (30.76 lbs)

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